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The Cardiac Services Unit at The Wellington Hospital is one of the largest of its kind in the private healthcare sector and has long had an international reputation for the high standard of care it provides.

Some of the country’s most distinguished cardiologists and cardiac surgeons lead its specialist medical and nursing teams, many of whom also hold senior positions in London’s teaching hospitals.

The Unit has three dedicated operating theatres, three cardiac catheterisation laboratories and intensive care facilities to help give patients the best care possible.

The large team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac radiologists, electrophysiologists and specialist cardiac nursing staff have access to the most modern diagnostic and imaging equipment to be found anywhere in the UK.

This includes the superfast 64-slice Lightspeed CT scanner which is able to take the highest definition cardiac images available, a 64 slice dual action CT scanner, two of the very latest MRI scanners and the full range of X-ray and ultrasound facilities.

These and other facilities ensure that patients with a wide range of heart conditions have fast access to the best possible care when treated at The Wellington Hospital, from diagnosis through to treatment and aftercare.

With the expertise of some of the most senior cardiac doctors in the country, the unit is known for treating the most complex conditions ranging from coronary artery disease, heart valve repair and replacement, to treating atrial fibrillation (a heart arrhythmia) via radio frequency ablation and using innovative technology to treat severe angina.

The hospital is the first private hospital in the country to use the new Da Vinci SI surgical robot to reconstruct heart valves and carry out other complex procedures enabling patients to recover much faster than was previously possible.

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