How can I chose a consultant who practices at The Wellington Hospital?

There are a number of different ways you choose a Consultant:

  1. Choose from our comprehensive list of Consultants who have admitting privileges at The Wellington Hospital. You can search by their name or area of interest using our Quick Consultant Search
  2. Through referral from your GP or Physiotherapist.
  3. Through personal recommendation from family or friends.

Do I need to have private medical insurance to be treated at The Wellington Hospital?

No, you do not need private medical insurance to be treated at The Wellington Hospital. We do offer self pay packages for most procedures. Additonally an Orthopaedic Self-pay package is run by HCA Hospitals across London.

For more information on paying for your own treatment at The Wellington Hospital please call our Self Pay team on 0207 483 5615.

If you would like further information on HCA Self-pay please contact the HCA Team on 0207 759 3878.

Is there car parking at The Wellington Hospital?

Unfortunately due to the hospitals close proximity to central London there is no parking provided for patients.

There is a drop-off area near the main doors at each building regulated by parking attendants.

Around the hospital there is on-street meter parking available, although spaces can be limited. A short walk from the hospital is a Masterpark car park located on Kingsmill Terrace. For availability and rates please contact them directly on 0800 243 348 or 0207 641 3291 (general enquiries).

Will I need a GP referral if I need surgery?

For most procedures, a GP referral is required. Your GP has access to your medical history, which will not only benefit you but will also be helpful to your consultant and us. If you have private medical insurance your insurer will usually require a GP referral. We advise you to contact your insurance company first.

Can I be treated at The Wellington Hospital if I live overseas or am not a UK resident?

Yes, the Wellington Hospital is an international company providing treatment to many patients from overseas. The hospital has agreements with numerous international insurance companies and self funding packages can also be arranged.

Should you require help making an appointment with any of our consultants please contact the Enquiry Helpline on 0207 483 5148.