Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)
with major UK insurers

Our hospital provides a wide range of treatments and services for those with private medical insurance, whether you hold your own policy or are part of a company scheme. Our hospital is recognised by all the major UK insurance companies.

You can use your insurance to cover major treatments and operations, and you may also be able to use your policy to pay for services such as diagnostics, scans, treatments or physiotherapy.

As an insured patient, you can arrange your treatment to suit your needs, with no waiting lists and convenient appointment times. 

Self funding your treatment

Self funding your treatment
More affordable than you think

If you’re thinking about going private, don’t wait for your condition to get worse. You don’t need medical insurance to receive treatment.

It’s more affordable than you might think to receive treatment from a leading specialist using the very latest technologies, and our prices are very competitive.

Like many of our patients, you might choose to pay for your own treatment or an initial consultation because:

  • there are long waiting lists for your treatment
  • the procedure you need isn’t available on the NHS in your area
  • you need to clarify your condition
  • you need a diagnosis
  • you want to discuss a course of action
Third Party Sponsor

Third Party Sponsor
Embassy or Corporate Company

The Wellington Hospital has contractual agreements in place with many Embassies and Worldwide Corporate Companies. 

If your treatment at The Wellington Hospital is sponsored by an embassy or company, please contact them prior to your visit and they will issue you with a Letter of Guarantee for your appointment, or any further treatments or admission.

Please note that if you require an interpreter, your embassy or sponsor should arrange this for you, if you do not have access to an interpreter please contact our international relations team who will be able to assist in organising this on your behalf.