Visions & Aims

Our vision is to become a leader in the field of adult neurological rehabilitation, providing outstanding evidence based and patient centered care. We will continue to build upon our national and internal reputation to become a centre of excellence, contributing to research and demonstrating positive clinical outcomes.

We aim to:

  • Place the patient and their family at the centre of our programmes
  • Deliver a high standard of clinical care, based on current evidence
  • Ensure that we are looking after every aspect of our patients wellbeing
  • Achieve the goals set on admission and coordinate a safe and timely discharge
  • Educate and support the patient throughout their admission with regards to health, prognosis, abilities and plans for discharge
  • Provide opportunities for using the latest the technological developments to support treatment programmes
  • Involve our patients, staff and other service users in developing our services

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Patient Centred Care

In all of our rehabilitation programmes the patient and their families and carers are at the centre of their rehabilitation programmes.

They are involved in all aspects of their care, treatment and discharge planning. Their cultural, spiritual beliefs, lifestyles and values are considered by us to form the foundation of the programme and the basis on which goals and plans are made.

In order for the patient to gain the most benefit from their treatment we provide the following:

Interdisciplinary team working

The patient is central to each rehabilitation programme. This means that the different team members involved in each programme work together with the patient to achieve their goals for rehabilitation. Professionals involved in the programmes are Consultant Neurologists with a special interest in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists, Pharmacists, Neuropsychologists and Dietitians. Other specialists are brought into the programme as indicated.

Goals Setting

We use goal setting as a way of guiding the rehabilitation process and monitoring progress. The patient, their family and team identify the goals to be achieved by the end of the programme following a suitable period of assessment. Smaller goals are set to act as stepping stones towards these, and are reviewed and progressed on a regular basis.

Key Workers

Each patient will have a team member allocated as their key worker. The role of key worker is to work closely with the patient, their family and other team members to ensure effective communication and to help coordinate the admission.

Case Conferences

We encourage patients and their families to meet together with the consultant and relevant team members to discuss progress and plans for discharge. These meetings will be held at a convenient time for all concerned and on a regular basis, throughout the admission.

Education Programmes

We recognise that there is a great deal of information to take on board throughout an admission. As part of the programme we ensure that each patient and their family and carers are provided with information in a format that is useful to them and relates to their health, situation, prognosis, treatment and plans for the future.

Discharge Planning

Outlining a plan for discharge is essential in developing each rehabilitation programme and setting an appropriate date for discharge. We work with the patient and their family from admission to identify any potential difficulties and to ensure that all ongoing care, support and therapy needs are met.

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