Will I have my own room?

All 46 of the rooms on the rehabilitation unit are individual with an ensuite level access shower room.


How do I transfer across to the Rehabilitation Unit?

If you are currently in hospital then we will require a referral from the consultant looking after your care. Please contact us and we will forward you one of our referral forms.

If you are currently at home, please contact us to discuss your case.

Some insurance companies will fund rehabilitation, please check with them to ensure that you are covered. If you are considering funding an admission yourself then please contact us and we will discuss potential costs with you.

Once we have received a referral we will arrange to come and assess you with regards to an admission. At this point if it is agreed that an admission to us is appropriate then we will coordinate funding and date of admission.


How do I arrange a pre admission assessment?

Please contact us on 0207 483 5363/5348 or by email wellington.enquiryhelpline@hcahealthcare.co.uk and we will arrange this for you.


Will my relative be able to stay with me on the unit?

One of our aims is to promote independence and so we do not actively encourage relatives to stay. However we recognise that for some patients having a relative stay with them can help the transition into a new environment and for this reason are able to provide a sofa bed in some rooms.


Will I see the same therapists throughout my stay?

We aim to keep all of the staff involved in your care as consistent as possible so that you see the same therapists and nursing staff. However there may be times when staff members are on leave and we will aim to give you prior notice of this.


How much therapy will I get?

We tailor each rehabilitation programme to suit your individual needs and the amount of therapy each day will be determined by your medical condition, your ability to tolerate numerous sessions and your particular goals. Your treating team will discuss your programme with you following their assessments and will continue to review it for the duration of your stay.

Sessions are provided on a one to one basis and we can also provide additional sessions with assistants, including some group activities that you may wish to participate in.


How long does each therapy session last?

Each therapy session is timetabled for 45 minutes duration. This is so that staff can ensure that all patients are seen. We do have some flexibility however to provide therapy for longer or shorter sessions throughout the day according to your need. This will be established following assessment.

To talk to the Rehabilitation team please call