The Portland Hospital opened the Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit for Children and Young People in 2009 in conjunction with the Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit at the Wellington Hospital. Working closely together the two hospitals enable HCA to extend its world renowned rehabilitation services to those under 18.

The Portland Hospital's Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit for Children and Young People is purpose built and all of the facilities have been adapted to meet the needs of this specialist service. A state of the art gymnasium is located within the heart of the unit. As well as benefiting from the expertise of their sister hospital, (The Wellington Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit), the Portland Unit will benefit from the support of the already established acute services within the hospital such as an Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU), Diagnostic services and comprehensive surgical services.

The clinical team includes Neuro Physiotherapists, Neuro Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dietitians, Consultants, Resident Medical Officer, Neuropsychologists, Rehabilitation Nurses and Play Specialists.

Each patient is assigned a treating team to ensure a seamless patient journey from referral through to discharge. The physical and functional needs of the patient will be assessed to create an individual tailor made programme in order to enable patients to achieve their maximum long term potential and independence.

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