Management of Neuroendocrine Tumours

WELLNET is led by Professor Martyn Caplin, who has a vast experience in neuroendocrine tumours and an international reputation for the management of neuroendocrine tumour patients. The centre is ideally placed to utilise the range of facilities and specialist doctors at The Wellington Hospital, helping to unite the different types of treatments under one roof.

The WELLNET Unit is located on the 2nd floor of The Wellington Hospital's South Building. As part of the development of the unit a special lead reinforced room has been built for patients who will be undergoing Radionuclide therapy. Upon entering the WELLNET room you will notice it is no different in appearance from our standard hospital rooms. During your admission by the nursing team you will be advised further about receiving visitors during your treatment.

Depending on the stage of your patient journey and the treatment you require, you may also be seen in the consulting rooms or imaging centre at the Platinum Medical Centre. Over the last couple of months the 3rd floor of The Platinum Medical Centre has undergone a complete refurbishment to become a new inpatient unit for patients undergoing cancer or NETs treatment. Patients benefit from brand new, spacious rooms supported by the latest technology and a multi-disciplinary nursing staff with oncology experience and specialist training.

The oncology service at The Wellington Hospital is designed to support NETs patients and offers support for inpatient treatments, newly diagnosed patients, patients post-chemotherapy, 24 hr clinical oncology emergencies, symptom control and pain control for current patients. A specialist Oncology RMO and a team of specialist oncology trained nurses manage the unit 24/7.

Once you have been referred to the WELLNET Unit, you will have a consultation with a NET Specialist to determine the next phase of your journey.

After reviewing your medical history your consultant will discuss with you the options that are available. To ensure you are receiving the best possible care our NET team regularly meet together to review each individual case as part of an MDT.

The WELLNET Unit have a dedicated website to help you find out more about the different treatments on offer for patient's with Neuroendocrine Tumours. Visit the WELLNET website

The NETs Team

NETs are often slow growing and they frequently grow without symptoms, thus diagnosis can be late with patients presenting with advanced disease. During your diagnosis and treatment your specialists work together as a multidisciplinary team to help manage your condition.

During your treatment at the WELLNET Unit your treatment will be led by a NETs specialist doctor supported by specialist NET and oncology doctors and nurses.

Philippa Davies Clinical Nurse Specialist

Philippa Davies is the senior clinical nurse specialist for neuroendocrine tumours. She has worked within the specialty for 9 years and as a cancer nurse for 17 years. She has a masters in Advanced Cancer Care and her dissertation research was related to diet and neuroendocrine tumours.

Philippa is an active member of the Europe Neuroendocrine Tumour Nurse group and the UK and Ireland NETs committee. She speaks nationally and internationally at conferences and meetings. She is the nurse advisor for the national patient support charity for neuroendocrine tumours, the NET Patient Foundation. She is also the lead nurse at the Royal Free London within the Neuroendocrine tumour unit.

Jorgé Garcia-Hernandez Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jorge Garcia-Hernandez, is a Neuroendocrine Tumour Nurse Specialist who has been contributing to the management of complex NET patients since 2009. He has been fully involved in the coordination of NET clinical trials. He has a research interest understanding the psychological profile and consequences of this rare type of cancer especially the relationship between serotonin hormone secreting tumours and depression.

He is also actively involved the development of a NET-patient-led support group and enhancing links between patients and their involvement in research as well as fundraising and NET-related discussions. Jorge has been involved with a number of research publications and presentations as well as speaking at both national and international nursing and patient support-group meetings.

Sunny Lallbeeharry Charge Nurse, Oncology

Rui De Santos Staff Nurse, Oncology

Dr Jamshed Bomanji Nuclear Medicine Physician

Dr Jamshed Bomanji, graduated in 1980. Dr Bomanji did his post-graduation at St Bartholomew’s Hospital where he completed his Masters and PhD in Nuclear Medicine in 1987. He was appointed as Consultant in Nuclear Medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in 1990 and then moved to The Middlesex Hospital in 1993, which is now part of the UCLH NHS Foundation Trust.

Currently, he is the Clinical Lead and Head of Department at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine which is the largest single site department in UK. He has contributed and published more than 142 research and clinical papers in peer reviewed Journals, authored 20 book Chapters and is the editor of Nuclear Medicine in Oncology.
He is assistant editor and advisory editor of various Journals in the field of Nuclear Medicine.

Dr Shaunak Navalkissoor Nuclear Medicine Physician

Dr Shaunak Navalkissoor is a consultant nuclear medicine physician, working at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. He was appointed in 2010. His special interests include radionuclide therapy and oncological imaging (with a particular interest in imaging and therapy of neuroendocrine tumours). He is part of the ENETS centre of excellence Royal Free Team.

Dr Rizwan Syed Nuclear Medicine Physician

Dr Rizwan Syed is presently working as lead PET MRI and consultant Nuclear Physician and Radiologist. He believes in professional excellence, lifelong learning and delivering effective and timely care. In his view, maintaining medical excellence is of paramount importance and should not be compromised at any cost.

He aspires to improve the quality and standard of clinical service and to create an environment of excellence in clinical care. He is fully trained to work as both nuclear medicine and radiology and has achieved dual accreditation in nuclear medicine and radiology which has given him a comprehensive background knowledge of various imaging modalities. He has developed full competency in functional imaging and radionuclide therapies.

Rizwan is fully competent in providing a comprehensive one stop oncology service that includes diagnostics, radionuclide therapies and intervention targeted radionuclide therapies.

Dr Christina Thirlwell Consultant Oncologist

Dr Thirlwell graduated in Medicine at UCL in 1997 having undertaken an integrated BSc in Immunology in 1994. She went on to train in Medical Oncology and undertook her PhD with Professor Ian Tomlinson at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute in colorectal cancer genetics.

She completed her clinical training in Medical Oncology whilst furthering her research interests in cancer epigenetics between 2008 and 2010 as post-doc in Stephan Becks lab at the UCL Cancer Institute.

Dr Thirlwell currently works as a Consultant in Medical Oncology at the Royal Free Hospital specialising in Neuroendocrine Tumours – a European Centre of Excellence. She also treats hepatobiliary cancer. Her current work focuses performing large-scale integrated genomic analysis of Neuroendocrine tumours, with an ultimate aim is to further our understanding of the biology of these tumours whilst identifying and validating novel biomarkers.

Professor Justin Stebbing Consultant Oncologist

Professor Stebbing trained in medicine at Trinity College Oxford, where he gained a triple first class degree. After completion of junior doctor posts in Oxford, he undertook a residency at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US, returning to London to continue his training in oncology at The Royal Marsden and St Bartholomew’s Hospitals. Professor Stebbing’s PhD research investigated the interplay between the immune system and cancer.

Professor Stebbing has published over 400 peer-reviewed papers in journals such as the Lancet, New England Journal, Blood, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Internal Medicine, as well as writing for national newspapers and presenting new data on optimal cancer therapies at major international conferences. His focus at LOC is on new therapies in cancer, and the systemic management of patients with a variety of solid malignancies.

He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians, the American Board of Internal Medicine and the Royal College of Pathologists, and sits on the advisory Boards of five biotechnology companies. He chairs the World Vaccine Congress and is on the editorial board of a number of world leading general medical and cancer journals such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology and Oncogene. In 2011 Justin’s team discovered a new cancer gene, work that has been published in Nature Medicine. In 2012, the National Institute for Health Research awarded Justin Stebbing its first research translational professorship in cancer medicine, aiming to turn developments in the laboratory into better and more tailored personalised treatments for patients.

“I am getting my life back. I have completed two, of the four, PRRT Treatments. I am now gardening again, cooking, cleaning and all of those little things we take for granted, including painting. I am an artist and painting is very important to me.”

Xochi Hughes-Madera, undergoing PRRT treatment

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Supporting Consultants Network

An NE Tumour has a primary site, but may metastasise to other parts of the body. The NET specialist in charge of your treatment will refer and communicate with the specialists as required and ensure you are taken care of throughout your treatment. Your NET specialist doctor and the nursing team will still remain your primary contact base and are available if you have any questions.

The supporting Network of doctors for the WELLNET Unit include:


Dr Bernard Khoo


Dr James Bell
Dr Neil Davies
Dr Anthony Goode
Dr Nick Woodward

Intestinal Carcinoid Surgery

Mr Olagunju Ogunbiyi
Professor Marc Winslet

Pancreas and Liver Tumours

Professor Brian Davidson
Mr Giuseppe Fusai
Mr Dinesh Sharma

Vascular Conditions

Mr Darryl Baker (Carotid Body / Glomus Neck tumours)
Professor George Hamilton

Carcinoid Heart Disease

Dr Joseph Davar

Thoracic Conditions

Dr Michael Beckles (Physician)
Mr Eric Lim (Surgeon)