Craniofacial Services

Craniofacial and maxillofacial referrals are usually complex and often require input from many specialists. The London Craniofacial Unit combines the experience of a highly skilled team of surgeons with award-winning therapy teams at The Wellington Hospital and The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, ensuring a comprehensive adult and children’s craniofacial service is accessible in London’s private sector.

Adult craniofacial services at The Wellington Hospital are principally directed at reconstruction after trauma. Surgery for adults with congenital and acquired craniofacial conditions is also undertaken. Many of the patients seen have complex problems requiring extensive planning and multi-specialty input.

The Wellington provides state-of-the-art operative and intensive care facilities to support the LCU’s work. We work closely with the acute neurological rehabilitation unit for patients requiring intensive help during recovery.

The Wellington Hospital has world-class diagnostic facilities which are essential in planning complex reconstructions as well as providing the information needed to fabricate customised patient-specific reconstructive devices and implants.



LCU provides comprehensive paediatric care at The Portland Hospital, for children with craniofacial conditions. We treat both congenital conditions, including craniosynostosis, and provide a reconstructive and rehabilitation service in children who have suffered facial and cranial trauma.

There is a dedicated paediatric intensive care facility and a specialised ward nursing environment for children with craniofacial conditions. LCU works closely with the paediatric rehabilitation unit for children who have long-standing problems or who face prolonged recovery periods.

The craniofacial team is supported by the comprehensive general paediatric services available at the hospital and by its own clinical nurse specialists.

LCU is actively involved in teaching and research and has its own craniofacial fellow. In partnership with the Institute of Child health in London, LCU supports PhD students working within the Face Value program.