Conditions & treatments covered

Falling under the specialty of General Medicine, these three health conditions are managed by the hospital's Consultant Endocrinologists.

Using the consulting rooms at our Lodge Road facility. The consultants can diagnose, monitor and support patients who need active medical treatment. 


This branch of medicine is dedicated to the study and treatment of diabetes mellitus. It can be considered a specialised field of endocrinology. Here at The Wellington Hospital we can not only diagnose, but also conduct appropriate tests and treatment tailored to the individual needs of our patients and monitor their progress to prevent long term complications in conjunction with a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Senior Dietitians.

Our expert multidisciplinary diabetes team can advise and support patients in all aspects of the condition including complications and advice regarding new therapies. The diabetes team is supported by rapid access to Ophthalmologists with an interest in diabetes, cardiologists, vascular surgeons and neurologists.



Endocrinology & Metabolism

Endocrinology and metabolism are specialist fields of medicine dealing with disorders of the endocrine system and its secretions called hormones. The organs include the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testes and pancreas. An Endocrinologist will investigate and treat several conditions of endocrine malfunction, as well as bone disorders, other metabolic conditions and growth disorders.

Lipids and Lipid disorders

Lipidology is a subspecialist field of endocrinology and metabolism and involves the diagnosis and management of genetic lipid disorders, as well primary and secondary lipid disorders. Specialist services involve specific diet and drug therapy review, as well as cardiovascular risk factor assessments, and appropriate family screening.