Dialysis at The Wellington Hospital

During dialysis treatment, your blood is removed from your body. The best way to do this is by creating a ‘fistula’. This involves an operation in one of your arms to join an artery and vein together to form a circuit of flowing blood.

The operation takes about one hour and is usually done under local anaesthetic. From the fistula, your blood is circulated around a dialysis machine and then cleansed before being flowed back into your arm.

Dialysis is usually carried out several times a week, with each session lasting around four hours. We try to make your session as comfortable as possible. You will have access to:

  • electrically operated reclining chairs
  • complimentary fresh sandwiches and beverages
  • private en-suite room with television and Wi-Fi access.

The team at our dialysis unit will talk you through how to prepare prior to coming to thr unit. You'll need to bring any medications you take with you, including any you take during dialysis. This includes erythropoietin injections, alpha calcidol and any vitamin supplements.

If you use an anticoagulation regime please bring it with you or tell us in advance so we can try to supply it. You'll also need to give us copies of recent blood results beforehand.

After the dialysis session has been completed, the needles are removed and a plaster is applied to prevent bleeding.

Dialysis is an ongoing treatment which many people can remain on for years. Kidney failure may be temporary and dialysis may only be needed until your kidneys recovered.

Holiday Dialysis

The Wellington offers a holiday dialysis service in the heart of London for those who need regular dialysis. Whether your visit to London is for business or pleasure, we can help make your trip seamless and relaxed.

Our holiday dialysis service has en-suite rooms designed to be bright, and spacious, with air conditioning and disabled facilities. We create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with highly trained dialysis nurses to take care of you.

We offer flexible twice daily dialysis sessions where you will benefit from a high standard of care that is tailored to your personal needs. We provide dialysis Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 7.00pm; however we can easily stay open later if needed. With 24 hour nursing and consultant on-call cover for acute emergencies. If you require further specialist care, you can feel safe in the knowledge you are within world class private facilities with all the necessary on-site intensive care.

We welcome enquiries for holiday dialysis from kidney patients currently receiving dialysis at an NHS centre in the UK, or visiting non-NHS or private patients. Acceptance for dialysis will depend on the availability of space on your preferred dates as well as your clinical suitability. 

We will require a recent virology report when you book an appointment and bookings should be made at least 4 - 6 weeks in advance of travelling. If for any reason we cannot accommodate your needs at The Wellington, holiday dialysis is also available south of the river, at our sister hospital in London Bridge

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To arrange your holiday dialysis

UK patients: 0207 483 5148

Overseas patients: +44 (0)207 483 5175

Alternatively you can email us on wellingtondialysis@hcahealthcare.co.uk  


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