Conditions & treatments covered

The pain management service offers regular clinics throughout the week and Pain Management Consultants work with the Clinical Nurse Specialist at The Wellington Hospital to support inpatients who need support during and after their treatment.

Acute Pain

Acute pain may occur as a result of an injury or medical illness. When the injury/illness resolves the pain will settle down. Before this, control of the pain is a very important part of the treatment. This can be achieved by a range of techniques including medication and image-guided injections.

Our team can offer expert advice and treatment in this area. A typical example is an acute slipped disc in the back which may take many weeks to resolve. However the pain can be controlled by medication and/or image-guided injections into the back.



Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is much more complex and usually refers to people who have had the same pain lasting for more than 6 months. The prolonged nature of the pain will have other adverse effects on the sufferer. This includes attempts to avoid the pain by becoming less physically active. This can lead to loss of fitness and muscle weakness (muscle deconditioning) which can cause progressive fatigue.

With time this will affect the person’s mental well-being. Chronic pain can be effectively treated by our multi disciplinary team including Pain Doctors, Rheumatologists Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.