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The Clinical Respiratory Physiologist, Damian Muncaster, works with highly specialised equipment to perform basic and complex lung function tests. The service is supported by experienced Consultants in respiratory medicine.

To measure how efficient the lungs are at exchanging gases.

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To measure the total capacity of the lungs and its subdivisions and airways resistance.

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To assess the response of the airways to bronchodilators.

A non-invasive measure of the response of the heart and lungs to exercise.

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To assess respiratory parameters during sleep, primarily to diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). 

Overnight Oximetry is the screening assessment for OSA.

Provides guidance as to whether a patient will become dangerously hypoxic during air travel.

This assesses Hyperreactivity of the airways.

This determines whether exercise is the trigger for bronchonstriction.

This is a standardised assessment of basic exercise capacity, providing information of hypoxia during exercise.

This assessent determines the level of oxygen a hypoxic patient requires to assist in walking.

This test determines which allergens a patient is allergic to.

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This test uses Spirometry to monitor breathing during sitting, standing and whilst lying down.